Evolution of Planta Livre

Changes in turnover Planta Livre

We have been experiencing sustained, sustainable growth thanks to investment, year after year, both in our production capacity and efforts to modernise the equipment we use. 

Thanks to increasing the size of our production area and using more specialised equipment, we have been able to produce more species and grow more plants. This has improved our response capacity, allowing us to position ourselves in the global market. 






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Changes in the number of employees Planta Livre

We are looking to employ people who hold university degrees or can help us to accelerate the growth of our business through more specialised methods and techniques. We also have a team of mechanics, enabling us to reduce maintenance and repair costs related to certain equipment, such as lorries, or logistics and production support machines.

Although investment in more modern machinery has simplified the entire ornamental plant production process, the number of employees at Planta Livre continues to increase in response to market demand. 

We are grateful to - and understanding of - our stakeholders, with our employees being our main focus. We flourish together and the growth of our business is also down to them. 

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