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Our Story 

We are a family business founded by Armindo and Augusto Gonçalves in 2006, at the ages of 32 and 30, respectively. We own our very own nurseries and are dedicated to the production of ornamental plants for professionals.

We set up our business with the aim of filling a niche in the market in which gardening companies find it difficult to meet partners that provide varied, high-quality product ranges and are prepared to undertake their business ventures. 

Although we started producing ornamental plants across a 1.5-hectare site, we now occupy 82 hectares of land across our nurseries in Sintra and Cabeceiras de Basto, with great potential to expand. 

We are market leaders in the production of ornamental plants in Portugal and It is in our nature to continue sowing the seeds of sustainable growth and embracing new challenges. 

Planta Livre Nurseries

What makes us stand out 

We are grateful to - and understanding of - our stakeholders, with our employees being our main focus. We are committed and set on helping our clients achieve their objectives and, having implemented measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our business, we are also environmentally sustainable.


Certifications and awards Planta Livre

We work hard every day to guarantee the quality of our products and ensure the sustainability of our business.

Leading SME and SME Excellence

Leading SME and SME Excellence

We have been successively awarded ‘PME Líder’ (Leading SME) status over the past few years. We also received the highest honour in 2018, when we were rewarded with ‘PME Excelência’ (SME Excellence) status, confirming our financial stability, and the quality and efficient management of our operations. 

MPS sustainable quality certification

MPS sustainable quality certification

We have also been awarded the MPS certification, the leading global standard for sustainability in the horticultural sector. We were awarded this certification for placing great emphasis on sustainability, since we always carry out sustainable business practices, thus guaranteeing the quality of our products.  

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